123D Catch Capturing Tool

Autodesk bietet einen kostenlosen Service zum Erstellen von 3D-Modellen anhand von Fotoserien. Das geht bequem per App vom Smartphone, PC oder Web-Tool.

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BTK/3D-Lab Exhibition in Q110

BTK/3D-Lab is presenting a large stereo-anamorphotic floor-projection which can be touchless interactively operated in real-time by the observer. Four students – Junxin Chi, Katja Hindenburg, Andreas Banholzer, Denis Stahlbaum – and I did the modelling, interaction, user interface, rendering, projection, stereoscopy, and much, much more, in a very intensive project workshop. More over, two other BTK students – Lena Uphoff and Dimitri Steinel – made the design for the whole exhibition which is a cooperation with our partner Heinrich Hertz Institute, dept. Interactive Media/Human Factors.

From February 6th until May 29th, the show entitled Gallery of Wishes can be visited daily (10:00 am to 6:00 pm, except Sunday) at

Q110 – Die Deutsche Bank der Zukunft
Friedrichstr. 181
10117 Berlin

Large stereo-anamorphotic floor-projection for touchless interaction

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3D Print Show 2014

After London and Paris, the 3D Print Show is going to be held again in New York in February 2014. Among some artistic and several technical exhibitors, the event’s highlight surely will be the fascinating Urbee, the very first 3D printed car which even can drive, of course.

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Amazon 3D Smartphone Rumors

Various sources report that Amazon is working on a 3D smartphone to be released before end of 2013. More or less similarly to LG, Amazon’s device is supposed to use retina-tracking technology to make images appear to be hovering above the surface of the screen from all angles, without requiring special glasses. So, it is not completely clear if the new phone will have a 3D autostereoscopic screen, or if images will be re-rendered in real time in 2D while following the user’s head and eye movements …

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Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Greenaway, and Edgar Pera are Going 3D

Rodrigo Areias, Fundaçao Cidade de Guimaraes, Portugal, will produce an innovative stereoscopic 3D feature film made of three humoristic short movies. Actually in post production, the movie is supposed to be ready for Cannes Festival in May:

The Three Disasters by Jean-Luc Godard, a short film about the historical memory of the 3D.

Just in Time One by Peter Greenaway where space is crossed by various layers of time: 900 years of compiled history.

Cinesapiens by Edgar Pera is a short history of the cinema viewer, from the cave to silent cinema, through sound to colour and from stereoscopic 3D to holo cinema.

Interesting, how will these three renowned directors explore 3D and the evolution of its spectators in the field of cinema: How does 3D affect the spectator’s place and transversal perceptions?

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Panorama / Full Dome Research Project

In cooperation with Planetarium Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian von Herrmann, TU Berlin, will start a 12-month panoramic full dome projection-research project in May.

For this, they’re looking for a student assistant (pdf) who should, but must not, have some experiences in media creation for digital dome projection, explicitly, however, in Adobe CS and Cinema 4D; the assistant’s place will be in Berlin, particularly supporting the practical cooperation with the production department in Hamburg. Moreover, besides managing the rendering, the assistant will also be involved in the film design and 2D/3D animation, as well.

Anyone interested should contact me directlyand very quickly!

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World’s Largest Wave Field Synthesis

Next Monday, January 14th, we are going for a rather spectacular demonstration of the world’s largest wave field synthesis which is held by Berlin Technical University. Though this excursion is dedicated to the master students of BTK mainly, everyone else being interested in new technical inventions in the field of space perception resp. simulation will be very welcome!

We’ll meet at 6:00 pm, sine tempore, at

Technische Universität Berlin
Hörsaal 104 / Hauptgebäude
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Be prepared for an impressive sensation you never ever got before!

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Disney is Looking for Stereoscopic Artists

If you ever thought about working at Walt Disney Animation Studios with Stereo Supervisor, Layout Supervisor, Director of Look and Lighting to create immersive and comfortable 3D images in support of the story, you probably may want to check out whether their job offer will match your skills and interests, as well. – However, there are a lot more of career opportunities at Disney’s, of course …

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Stereoscopic 3D for iPhone Users

If you are an iPhone user wanting to shoot stereoscopic 3D photos and having one wish remaining free for Xmas, you may want to try the Scubo Cam which allows you to record 3D videos and capture 3D photos. The convincing concept simply consists of a second lens module that can be connected to your iPhone. However, the resulting stereo-base is quite wide! – The device will be available in January 2013 for € 89.95, the according Scubo Cam App is free at the Apple App Store

Scubo Cam Device for iPhone

Scubo Cam Device for iPhone

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Workshop: 3D Content Creation

To all who didn’t receive my email notification yet: Regarding our workshop 3D Content Creation for Interactive Visualisations and Immersive Surroundings we quite fast must find an appointment for a necessary preliminary discussion. – Your participation is compelling, you must sign in here!