The Internet and its subset, the World Wide Web began as small research projects but they have grown to become the most important media of our time. Areas once dominated by print and TV have now been overtaken by Online Publishing. In order to work in media today, one needs a solid understanding of how the web works. We are beyond the time of “Shovel-ware” where print documents and brochures were simply pasted into web pages. Contemporary web design requires a deep sense of visual, conceptual and interactive possibilities and problems.  This course should give designers a fundamental understanding of the technical and theoretical concepts of the contemporary World Wide Web.

Course Technical Goals:

  • Core HTML5 Tags and Structures
  • Essential CSS 3 Styling Techniques
  • Coding and Debugging Web Designs
  • HTML5 Design Tricks and Hacks

Course Theoretical Goals:

  • Typography Concepts for Web
  • Layout for Useable Interaction
  • History of the Web (esp. Design)
  • Conventional and Unconventional Visual Approaches


33% – Participation
33% – Effort
33% – Semester Project
1% – Talent


As stated in the “Prufungsordnung” an attendance of 80% is required.  This means that you may miss class up to three times without an excuse.  I ask that you try to let me know ahead of time if you can’t attend.  Anyone missing more than 3 days will need a note from a doctor or the “Hochschulleitung”.  If you miss more than 3 days without a formal excuse, you will not receive a grade for the course.

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