Project 2: Visualizing Consumption

Project 2: Visualizing Consumption

Die Infografik zeigt eine Visualisierung des Transportmittel-Konsums deutscher Haushalte am 01.01.2007. Die Kreise stellen die jeweiligen Haushaltstypen dar: Von Ein-Person-  bis hin zu Ehepaare mit mehr als 2 Kindern-Haushalten. Die Farbaufteilung der Kreise veranschaulichen das Verhältnis von den Transportmitteln PKW, Motorad und Fahrrad im jeweiligen Haushalt.


Robot Me

Robot Me is a short animation about the abuse of psychostimulant drugs which are approved for treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Especially university students take medicine like Ritalin to improve concentraion as well as attentiveness. The danger is a high addiction level and the loss of self-control. Other people regard it simply as an addition to already existing enhancements like coffee or green tea. I tried to give an critical view on this issue and to make it public to start some discussions and thoughts about it.

Personally, I am very  curious how this will develop in the future and how it may change society itself.


Robot Me

P.s.: I could not upload the video here, as 2mb (!) are the maximum size.

P.p.s.: I could not even embed it for a reason.


A Productive Semester

First, I want to say THANK YOU to all course participants this semester.  It was a short intense course but you all put in a really great effort and produced some very interesting and attractive work. It was very cool to work with you guys.

Please make sure you have uploaded both main projects and the homework to the course blog.  Your blog posts should contain a nice 500px wide image, a short description and a link to the full PDF.  If you’ve already posted, you can go back and edit your post to include any missing details or files.  If you made a video you don’t need a PDF.

If it ain’t on the blog, I can not give you a grade!

And also, send PDFs of your posters (or SWF) to Prof. Noller.  He was very impressed and he wants copies to show off and print.

If you have trouble logging in, it is now possible to log in using your btk email address and intranet password.  If you need help with blogging or uploading files, take a look at these guides.

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Planet Facebook

Planet Facebook

Infographic showing worldwide facebook usage and income per capita using the top 10 facebook using countries.

Full PDF:

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Personal Consumption: Energy, Water, Electricity

This is infographic shows my personal consumption of energy, water and electricity measured over one week.

PDF available here:


Being King Human – Personal Consumption


Project 1: Visualizing Personal Consumption

Project 1: Visualizing Personal Consumption

Die Infografik zeigt eine Visualisierung meines persönlichen PKW-Konsums innerhalb einer Woche. Gemessen wurde die Zeit (min), Weg (km) und der Verbrauch (l).


Homework 1 | Remo Gambacciani

Remo Gambacciani


Project: Consumption | MY MEDIA CYBERSPACE

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Research: Data Sources

We only have until May 25th to finish our next project, so we need to hit he ground running in order to make sure we all end up with successful projects.  We are continuing with our theme of Consumption but now we want to expand the scope and use some publicly available data.  The theme is broad and there are quite a few data sources out there.

For this week I want you each to look around at some different data sources and think about what aspects of consumption (in any sense of the word), you find interesting.  Keep in mind that the most interesting analysis often involve taking two data sources that may seem unrelated and developing a correlation between them.  We are not as interested in simple straightforward displays of information.  We want to reveal things that are normally invisible.

To bring to class on 4.05.2010:

  • 3 interesting sources of data.  By this I mean specific tables or databases, not just a book or a web site.
  • 3 sketches of relationships that can be drawn between the data sources.
  • an explanation of how this relates to or describes consumption in a direct way

Here’s a few data sources to get you started: