Cinema4D R15 Announced

Cinema 4D R15 is being announced to be released in September; some overview videos on new features and enhancements got already posted at The Pixellab; however, you can also turn directly to Maxon for all the R15 specs.

 MAXON Announces CINEMA 4D R15

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Small Things Big

If you are interested in things that are too small to be perceived with our eyes, macro images, small things, and other things you rather overlook and disregard? Then you may show what you would expect in small to quite large! A contest by C4D Network was launched recently, deadline is August, 31st; for more details please turn to their website.

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Sharks in Big 180° Panoramic 3D Projection!

Late in the season, we are going to visit the Heinrich Hertz Institute / TiME-Lab for watching my experimental 4 minutes shark animation and some other overwhelming examples in the uniqe environment of the TiME-Lab. The acronym means Tomorrow’s immersive Media Experience: Within a 180° panoramic 3D projection you really will experience the by far most immersive sensation you’ve ever had!

We’ll meet on Wednesday, 10.07., at 2:15 pm – sharp – in our BTK foyer and together we’ll go to:

Heinrich Hertz Institute
Einsteinufer 37
10587 Berlin

We’ll get picked up there at 2:45 pm, exactly. – Although this excursion is mainly dedicated to the participants of 3D IIb – Character Rigging And Animating and all my other 3D courses, as well, everyone else being interested will be very welcome but should drop me a note!

Shark of "Aquarium" (Detail), 180° Panoramic 3D Animation for HHI / TiME-Lab, by Achim Bahr 2012/13

Shark of “Aquarium” (Detail), 180° Panoramic 3D Animation for HHI / TiME-Lab, by Achim Bahr 2012/13

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3DCI for 3DIC: Last Chance!

To all participants of the 3DCI for 3DIC course – please do keep in mind: After btk project week, there are only two weeks for doing your 3D animation with your very own logo for 3DIC – final presentation will be at July 16th. For this reason I will hold the animation course on Tuesday, July 2nd, and Thursday, July 4th, as well! Since there won’t be much time, you should prepare your logos very well and come up then with some precise considerations concerning your animation ideas; doing the whole thing in stereoscopic 3D won’t make it easier, either.

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3D IIa: Try Dynamics Animation on Your Own

Due to btk projects week, we’re going to have a break in progress with our explorations. For this reason I suggested to do some homework: Using the skills we recently came up to, try to make an interesting and more complex animation with the dynamics engine, e. g. take your car, driven by motors and mainly controlled by user data interface, put a puppet with rag doll connectors in it, push up the forces, and let it all crash against walls – I’d like to see what will happen then. Or try airplanes, helicopters, or rockets in conjunction with aero dynamics, a rotating chain carousel with flung seats – or something similar to the battling shown by Chris Smith, at least …

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C4D Modeling Contest

The Pixel Lab, from time to time enjoying us with some highly detailed 3D models for free, is now announcing a fresh C4D modeling contest. The subject is “Summer” and you have till the end of June, winners will get a free model pack. For further information please simply switch to The Pixel Lab Contest.

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Lessons shifted

Due to the probationary lectures of “Media Informatics” on Wednesday, May 29, both of my lessons get cancelled: 3D IIb was shifted to the 5th of June, 12:00 o’clock (!), high noon – our new appointment for 3D III isn’t clear yet.

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3DCI for 3DIC: Excursion

All participants of both the CI course held by Volker Pook as well as the corresponding 3D course by me are going to visit the 3D Innovation Center at next Tuesday, April 23rd. We’ll meet in the building’s foyer, ground floor, at 9:00 a.m., sharp:

3D Innovation Center
Salzufer 6
10587 Berlin

Attention: the entrance is to be found in Otto-Dibelius-Strasse, left side standing in front of the building!

Due to this excursion both courses are held together on that day; that means, next 3D course will be on Tuesday, April 30th (not Thursday, 25th!).

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Announcement for Summer 2013 (update 2)

In addition to this summer’s 3D II course (which from now on will be 3D IIb) dealing with character rigging and animation, there will be another 3D II course for a general introduction in 3D animation, including first looks in MoGraph and Dynamics. This newly added course is called 3D IIa because it provides the skills and techniques you’ll need for all other 3D animation purposes, mainly character animation.

We’ll start next Tuesday, April 16th, 4:45 pm, in 3.19.

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Announcement for Summer 2013 (update 1)

According to temporary planning I may announce the following courses for summer 2013 (update):

3D IIb: Character Rigging and Animation

In this course we’ll rig a character and animate it using the bunch of completely new compelling character tools introduced with R13. Whether you’ll build a character on your own, or together in the group, the goal is to get a short character animation feature at the end, rendered on our very fast BTK render farm with the C4D Sketch and Toon renderer which is one of the best non photorealistic render engines on the market. – Of course, there will be a lot to learn, and a lot to do, as well, but there will also be a real LOT of fun, too!

Attention: There again is a 3D IIa course dealing with 3D animation in general in which you should take part before starting with 3D IIb …

3D III: Experiments and Experience in 3D

Abstract animation with MoGraph, physical simulation using dynamic calculations, playing around with Realflow, camera tracking even of stereoscopic footage – it’s up to you what we’ll do in this experimental course of 3D experience. For example, you may do something interactive for the TU CAVE, for the cylindric panorama projection of HHI’s TiME-Lab, or simply for our stereoscopic 3D screen, if you want. – Central issue: we will see something beautiful, astonishing, sensationalat the end!

3D CI for 3D IC

Let’s make the 3D Innovation Center logo newly created in the CI course of Prof. Volker Pook usable not only for 2D purposes and print media, but for virtual space and third dimension, as well!